Our Network Infrastructure

• DorukNet has all POPs throughout the country on its wide-scale data and sound backbone, established between Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir backed up. This prevents our customers from being affected by network failures.

• In addition to these connections, DorukNet provides Internet access from three different locations in Turkey, each independent from the other and from Turkey’s Internet backbone, thanks to our high-capacity overseas fiber optic connection.

• With DorukNet’s MPLS-VPN backbone, it is possible to establish an isolated structure to combat cyber attacks without needing to encrypt customers’ devices.

• DorukNet’s end-to-end package access guarantee on its own backbone is 99.99% within the territory, and the package access guarantee provided overseas is 99.99%. However, the minimum package access guarantee on the data and sound backbone is 10 milliseconds, while the maximum is 50 milliseconds.

• The systems on DorukNet’s data and sound backbone, such as transmission, power and cooling systems, are periodically examined by the Network Operation Department with the help of 24/7 data monitoring.

• DorukNet offers the capacity of 8 Gbps Internet bandwidth.

• DorukNet meets all institutional communications requirements across Turkey through its backed-up sound backbone comprising connections with large-scale and international sound operators, which it established 2004.

• DorukNet uses Juniper MX960 as the main router, while hosting Alcatel SoftSwitches and Media Gateways of redundant structure on its sound backbone.

• DorukNet’s transmission infrastructure uses Alcatel (STM-16), Alcatel (STM-4) and Nortel (TN-1X, TN-4XE, TN-1C) SDH systems.

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