Data Center

DorukNet is one of the few leading data centers in Turkey. Our company provides its customers with all the services they require by hosting more than 1,200 of its mid-sized and large customers’ servers in the DorukNet data center.

The DorukNet data center is powered by a UPS system that operates as a load-balance basis (with load sharing and redundancy) at 1 x 120 kVA, 2 x 80 kVA and 2 x 40 kVA. If a customer has two power supplies, each is fed by two different UPSs.

DorukNet has two 2 x 330 kVAcapacity generators and a sensitive controlled 1x 50 kW, 2 x 35 kW, 1 x 30 kW capacity cooling system with an additional165,000 kW backup.

The DorukNet data center has an automatic fire extinguisher system that uses FM200 gas, while the interior and exterior of the building is monitored by eight CCTV systems. Moreover, the entrance the center is fire resistant and protected with a fingerprint secure access system. Impact-resistant security film is also deployed throughout the center.

DorukNet Data Center’s services for our server hosting customers

• Security management, consultancy and audit services,
• Load balancing,
• Data backup ,
• Hardware and software leasing,
• 24/7 server level monitoring within the scope of service, software and hardware,
• 24/7 call center ,
• Data compression,
• Instant high usage Internet bandwidth,
• Internet access service over fiber optic lines, independent of Turkey’s Internet outputs,
• Disaster recovery center,
• E-mail backup,
• Spare parts support,
• Outsourcing services,
• Shared Web and e-mail ,
• Central anti-virus and anti-spam

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